Turning fitness on its head,

one class at a time.

Turning fitness on its head,

one class at a time.

Want to come to a free taster?

In this friendly (and free) pole fitness taster class, you’ll learn a fun mix of pole tricks that’ll have you feeling stronger and totally unstoppable.

Hey Gorgeous!

Are you looking for a more fun way to workout? And have always wanted to try pole? Now.Is.Your.Time! And no sweat if you’ve no dance or fitness experience, or even if you feel like a giraffe in rollerskates with no grace at all – you are totally welcome! (Because giraffes can feel strong and flexy too.) What is it about pole? My 3 fave reasons why I love pole so-much-I-could-explode are:

  • It makes you feel good in the skin you’re in.
  • Self-love. Pole is my version of mediation, relieving stress, topping up with good vibes, looking after me (mind, body and soul).
  • The variety. I love the fitness element – focusing on getting stronger and more flexible by learning awesome moves. I also love the freedom you feel with contemporary or balletic pole-dance. And I hold a special place in my heart for how exotic pole makes me feel totally fearless. Each style adds something extra special to my life.

Whether you’re excitedly stepping into the pole world for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned chrome-lover, swing by a taster class to say hey and see what it’s about. I’d love to show you the studio and how I teach – let the adventure unfold! See you there,

Becky xoxo


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