The Platinum Unlimited Membership

Where you are at right now:

You want to get fitter and stronger FAST! You want to feel and see results FAST! You have got time on your hands to dedicate to you and you want to get stronger, toned up and grow in confidence.

The problems you are having right now:

You struggle to find a fun, challenging way to get fit, create tone and improve your flexibility. You want amazing results and you want them NOW! You expect rapid fitness improvement and you want a variety of classes through the week with the choice to go to as many classes as you like for a whole Pole Dance Fitness body workout.

What you need help with right now:

You need help getting the ongoing motivation to get stronger, fitter and more confident, with fun inspiring workouts alongside like-minded sociable people. You need inspiration for new pole dance routines, tricks and combos. You want an experienced instructor to support you regularly throughout your week to ensure you are getting the best possible benefits QUICKLY!

What will suit you best is the ‘Platinum Unlimited Membership’

You will get FAST results on our Platinum Unlimited Membership! This is because you get access to unlimited classes – you can come to every class if you wanted to! There are no restrictions to getting the improvement and benefits you want. You will learn more pole tricks, more dance routines and can challenge yourself throughout the week. Get a whole body workout that will strengthen, condition and tone your body as well as inspire your mind.

Here’s what our clients say about the Platinum Unlimited Membership

I knew pole dance from a course I took back in Slovakia a couple years ago, I was scared how my pole dance skills will be after these years and how it works in new studio with new people. Everything turned out to be great and Becky is perfect and super friendly! She is really professional and always knows how to help and support you.
There is a variety of the lessons – either we do fitness, learn new choreography or bit of both. What I like the most is that she explains each position into details and gives you different options of how to do that depending on your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced…)

I leave every single lesson full of energy and enthusiasm no matter what mood I came in. It brightens my days and I improved my skills on pole. I recommend this to everybody!

Nikola Hoffman

Canning Town

Before we started working together I had been doing pole once a week for about 2 years. I had to take a massive break due to health and moving around. I really needed to find somewhere I could get back into my fitness.

Despite my continuous health concerns Becky has kept me motivated to continue with pole and to work around me. Learning with Becky has helped me embrace so many different aspects of pole and not just static tricks. I was always so scared of choreography and trying stuff out my comfort zone but Becky has pushed me to do it and enjoy it!

I have got so much stronger working with Becky, not just physically but mentally too. Her classes are so fun and uplifting and I always leave with a smile on my face. There are too many positives than just one to mention! Making me confident that I can do something but still making sure I’m doing it properly. Giving me confidence in myself and my body and not to feel embarrassed doing choreo.
And most of all not only do I now have a great pole teacher, I feel like I have a friend. Supporting me outside of pole as much as during the classes.

Jazmin Sexton


After trying a gym membership and finding it didn’t work for me, I decided to take up dancing again.

It has been a very enjoyable experience – classes are relaxed with no pressure and a friendly atmosphere, but proceed at a fast enough pace so that it doesn’t feel repetitive.

The one best result is definitely getting my strength!

Catherine Gleave



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