The Gold Flexy Membership

Where you are at right now:

You really want to get stronger, fitter and more confident. You have exercised previously or may be participating in a little exercise at the moment. You may have done some Pole Dance Fitness before in the past, even if it was just one class!

The problems you are having right now:

You are short on time and have a busy life and schedule. It is a struggle to achieve your goal of getting fitter and toned up and to be able to do that with something really fun that totally beats the boredom of the gym.

What you need help with right now:

You need something flexible to fit around your busy schedule and you want something that can make you feel stronger, fitter and more confident and in a fun and friendly way with like-minded, fun & sociable people.

What will suit you best is the ‘Gold Flexy Membership’

Perfect for those with busy schedules! Our flexible Gold Flexy Membership offers a class every week that you can choose from any of the classes in our timetable. This means that life will not get in the way of you getting fitter, stronger, more confident and more flexible. This means you can go to a class every week even if your schedule changes. Perfect for all those nurses, retail workers and shift-workers! Now you will never miss out on your Pole Dance Fitness class. By your third or fourth class you will be really feeling a difference!

Here’s what our clients say about the Gold Flexy Membership

Becky was so welcoming and despite how nervous I was in my first session (and having a panic attack) Becky was supportive and understanding. I wasn’t worried at all about society’s perceptions of pole fitness because Becky showed me what an art form it can be as well as a way to keep fit.  I look forward to pole class and challenging myself in whatever form the class takes. I have definitely become more body confident as well as becoming stronger and more resilient. Becky and her pole dance classes have really made a big, positive impact on my life!

Amy O'Flaherty-Golding


Becky is hands down AMAZING! She is super friendly, kind and exudes so much warmth that you instantly feel comfortable in her class, so any newbies out there wanting to try out her class – you are in safe hands. She invests so much effort and thought into each class and every individual. I really didn’t think I would but I love love love my classes and I genuinely feel it’s because of Becky, her passion for pole and that she really enjoys seeing her students get better and stronger every week.

Rushana Ali


Since moving to London three years ago, I’ve lived in my own bubble of what and who I’ve always known. I wanted to meet new people and also challenge myself in a completely new environment. I wanted to get stronger but also have a lot of fun.

I did have reservations about starting Pole Classes. I was worried that I would be surrounded by complete experts who had been for years and no room for a beginner like me. How wrong was I! I love both the beginners and mixed ability classes. From the minute Becky replied to my nervous message asking to join, I knew she was the teacher for me and I had absolutely no reservations about working with her. She is so friendly and welcoming. Even when a move doesn’t click or I just don’t get it that week, the support for each other and particularly from Becky is brilliant and I know that I’ll get there eventually, whether it’s the week after or a few months down the line.
I’ve loved every minute of working with Becky. The classes are the perfect balance for me – they are professional and you learn so much each week, but at the same time they are friendly, accommodating to everyone, and we have a real giggle. I feel like I’m learning a skill within a real pole family, and it’s Becky who has created that atmosphere. Becky knows when to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me, and is just the biggest cheerleader when you nail a move and when it just doesn’t work that week. I am a huge fan of the online Facebook group we have for the Pole family, and Becky’s posts about confidence, happiness and mental health. It’s not a case of sign up to a class, attend and go home until the next time. It’s a real community built to empower each other, and to improve our physical and mental well being. It’s made my whole pole experience a million times over, and there aren’t enough Becky’s in the world spreading positivity and happiness!
I never thought in a million years I’d feel comfortable in my own skin at a class, let alone learning a completely new skill in front of other people. Being able to practice choreo in front of others and talking myself into trying inverts or whatever the move is that week, it gets easier and easier each week. It’s had such a knock on effect in how I am in my career, meeting new people… there has definitely been a transformation in me that my family and friends have noticed. And that in turn makes me happy. I’ve gained a new skill and a new hobby, where I can have fun and switch off from the 9-5 buzz.
The classes are the highlight of my week and I can’t wait to see where I’m at in a year’s time!
Shannon Holland-Houghton

North Woolwich


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