About Becky


I’m Becky. And this is the outrageous story of how ‘Becky Bagnall Pole Studio’ started.

My story begins when I was flat-sharing in North London. I spent next-to every waking hour at my Graduate job, and squeezed in a weekly ballet class to keep me fit and to free myself of any head stress.

I left work late one week and missed my ballet class. Gutted. But in the studio next door there was a Pole Dance Fitness class. I felt all nervous and excited…

‘But what if I’m not strong enough  ….  And what will my mum think!?’

Doubts aside, there was a big urge to give it a try and see what it was like.

Omg, what a challenge!

I couldn’t get all the moves and to be honest, I was pants at it. But all I could think of is I can’t wait to get this. It was so much fun, and boy, did my body feel it – I loved it!

And so my pole journey began. I built up my strength and my confidence, and found the courage to quit my tiring job and move on to something better. I felt like pole was working on my mind as much as it was toning my body.

Years went by, and as many stories go, I met a boy. This is the juicy bit…
He’s Australian and after dating a while, we decided to move to Australia together.

A few weeks into our new Aussie life, I was due to pick him up from the airport after a work trip. But he didn’t arrive.

No emails, no calls, no texts, no nothing! I wrestled with the idea he’d been ambushed by kangaroos, not wanting to admit to myself I had been ghosted. I mean, surely not. That stuff only happens in magazines and Hollyoaks.

Days went by and I got used to living in my pyjamas, crying into bowls of soggy cornflakes and ignoring calls from my mum.

And then the voice in my head grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me, and said, “GET YOUR ASS TO A POLE CLASS, GIRL!”

Pole makes me feel alive!

It fills me up. It makes me stronger, and I needed that more than ever. It’s been through pole that I’ve learnt to respect and love myself and my body. I’ve learnt to accept myself. And I want to help others have this too.

I know there’ve been others in my situation too. Who’ve been treated less than they deserve. And it’s now my mission to show you how pole can change your life.

Through learning new moves you pick up confidence. You think, if I can do that (climb all the way up to the top of the pole or turn yourself upside down) then I can do anything!

Your relationship with your body shifts to a more positive one. You actually want to look after your body so it can do all sorts of fabulous pole tricks and routines. And you surround yourself with types who lift you up and make you believe in yourself.

And it all starts with that first pole class.

With so much love 💕

Becky xoxo


P.S. In case you’re wondering if he ever got back in touch – he did. Three months later he sends me a single email.

“Sorry” was the subject line. He went on to say he’s got some explaining to do (You think!).

But it was too late then, and I didn’t want him in my life. This courage (and I promise you, it took a lot) was thanks to pole. Training my body, training my mind. Spending time with inspiring-badass-types who cheer you on! And who make you believe you are worth so much more.

If I can do it, you can do it

Put your self-doubts aside and book yourself in to your free taster class today.