Fed Up of Slow Progress and Tired of Struggling

  Pole really is a journey. And like with most journeys it's not always plain-sailing. There're bumps in the road which force us to question ourselves and why we're even putting ourselves through this.   I thought the first bump was the hardest but I've been...

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How To Know What To Wear For Pole

Why are pole dancers semi-naked? From full coverage to wearing skimpy sets... and not forgetting that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-pole-outfit. Here's your guide on how to know what to wear for pole. When I first...

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How Pole Saved Me From My Insecurities

Last night a DJ pole class saved my life.   This is true for SO many occasions, but there's a fresh incident that happened earlier this week that I want to share with you.   After 8 years of pole dancing, I have built up a pretty bloody good relationship with my body....

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The First Time LGBTQI+ Hate Impacted My Life

At school, there was a friend in my class who was a lesbian. To be honest, I didn't think anything of it. She was cool, I liked her. She could always draw amazing fake tattoos on my forearm. To me, I didn't get why anyone gave two hoots who she fancied. ...

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What to Expect From Your First Ever Pole Dance Class

You scroll through your colleague's Instagram. It shows all her latest pole moves she's learnt. In fact, that is all she seems to post. Wonder what ever happened to her puppy she used to take pictures of? Maybe it grew too big and is no longer as cute.   And of...

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The Truth of What Blindfolded Pole Was Really Like

So a couple of weeks back, I taught blindfolded pole. I prepped the lesson and practiced in the studio on my own beforehand. It was weird. I was hyper-aware and alert. Found myself doing small movements to make sure I didn't stump my toes. And was super nervous that...

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8 Happy Stretches That Will Ease Your Tight Hips

Are you embarrassed that your granny hips are here already?! You're not even old! If your tight, stiff hips ache even just by sitting down...   Here are 8 happy stretches that will ease your hips. From novice to hardcore.   Happy Baby Lay on your back and bring your...

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