Where you are at right now:

You want to feel stronger, more flexible, toned up and more confident.

You might be brand new to exercise or you regularly workout (yoga, pole or anything else!).

The problems you are having right now:

It’s a struggle to achieve your goal of getting stronger and toned up and to be able to do that with something really fun that totally beats the boredom of the gym.

You feel like you’re struggling with your current yoga practice. You’re in the middle of your vinyasa flow but you can’t quite get all the moves because you don’t feel strong enough or flexible enough. And there’s always some goddess on the mat in front you who seems to get everything perfectly!

You end up feeling more stressed than when you went in! And your practice has gotten all serious – the exact opposite of why you went in the first place!

What you need help with right now:

You want to find something really fun that will challenge your body and calm your mind. Something that will get you feeling stronger, more flexible and more confident, that’s friendly and fun.

You want to bring the fun back into your yoga practice. And you want to FINALLY get your handstand. In a way that’s supportive rather than exhausting and deflating!

You should to try SilksYoga

SilksYoga classes are a colourful fun way to feel stronger, fitter and way more flexible. Turn your world upside down and relax and challenge your body and mind in this fun and friendly SilksYoga session.

SilksYoga brings back the fun and lightness to your yoga practice. Because not only can you enjoy the freedom and creativity, but you also get the support from the Silks to help you develop your strength, and conquer those trickier yoga poses like handstands. Yay!

Here’s what our clients say about SilksYoga

So much fun! It’s a really different experience and I’m glad that not only can I fit yoga in but it also gives me skills to improve in pole!

Amy O'Flaherty-Golding