So a couple of weeks back, I taught blindfolded pole.

I prepped the lesson and practiced in the studio on my own beforehand.

It was weird.

I was hyper-aware and alert. Found myself doing small movements to make sure I didn’t stump my toes. And was super nervous that someone would walk in and secretly stream me on their Instagram story. I had the fear I was making a total fool out of myself.

As you can imagine, I was apprehensive to then teach the blindfold class. But it completely changed when doing it with everyone in the room. I knew no one would judge or laugh or do anything to make anyone uncomfortable.

And this is when the magic happened. The phrase ‘dance like noone is watching’ springs to mind. You could see everyone come into their own. Relaxed, moving more fluidly, more poised, effortless between pole moves and spins.

(I know this word is a bit icky now. It’s overused and commercialised. But there isn’t another word that embodies it quite as well, so I’ve stuck with it). Blindfolded pole is empowering. You feel like you can move completely free. Undiluted you. Back to the you that didn’t care what anyone else thinks.

The underlying lesson this experiment has reminded me of is: By surrounding yourself with amazing people, you can feel fearless.

Definitely will be doing this again!
To all the amazing people we surround ourselves with 💖