Sorry, not sorry

by | Feb 19, 2020

Are you saying “sorry” waaaaaay too much? And catch yourself apologising for things that aren’t even your fault? Or for things that don’t even need an apology?!

Studies and research has shown that by using the word “sorry” it can have a negative impact on your confidence.

Every time we say “sorry” we take the weight of the negativity on to our shoulders. And quite often, this added guilt and shame, or feeling bad, and it’s really not necessary. Think how often we say sorry for the most trivial things, or times when you an apology really is over-the-top.

Let’s say you’re running late, and when you do arrive, you pour out all the apologies to your friends. Subsequently kicking your own ass and making yourself feel bad.

Instead of feeling bad and apologising for it, you could thank the person for waiting for you. This means not only is it steering it away from the negative into the positive, but it doesn’t place any blame or shame on you. Winner-winner!

I mean if we turn it on it’s head, and think of a time when someone turned up a few minutes late to meet up with you. You properly didn’t bat an eyelid or even notice. And they came in all flustered and stressed, and you really didn’t mind at all.

Or if you accidentally bump into someone and you say “sorry” – or even if they bump into you and you still say sorry! (Definitely done this!) You can switch it up to a more positive “excuse me” or “pardon me”. Equally polite – with less knocks in your confidence.

Let’s save our genuine sorrys, for when we really mean them. And instead, use polite alternatives for everything else.

It’s these little habits that can make big impact on how confident we feel.

I’d love for you to pay attention and see how often you say sorry unnecessarily., … or maybe you already know you’re guilty of saying sorry to much? Comment below… are you an over-apologiser or do you keep your sorry’s to a minimum?

Becky xoxo