My Struggle This Year With My New Years Resolutions

by | Jan 8, 2020

I usually love New Years. That fresh start, clean slate feeling.

For as long as I can remember I always started the new year thinking and deciding on what one thing I want to achieve in the next 12 months and what I want my New Years’ Resolution to be.

The majority of my resolutions were simple practices that I knew I “should” be doing already. I remember one of my faves was when I was about 17, I decided I would no longer go to sleep with my make up on.

No longer would I wake up with that claggy feeling where your eyes are stuck together and you can feel a layer of cack on top of your skin, meaning your poor skin hasn’t breathed fresh air for the last 24 hours. I know that for many people, taking your make up off before bed is as normal as brushing your teeth at night. But for some reason or other, I rarely did it.

Then one year, I made it my New Years’ Resolution. I decided it is time I become the sort of person who is fresh-faced before she goes to bed. It made me feel like I was winning at adulting. 

Every now and then, I still get tempted to go to bed with my make up on. But I remind myself of the promise I made myself all those years ago, and reach out for the cotton pads and make up remover instead. I tell myself that by sticking to my promises, and by keeping my New Years’ Resolutions I am honouring myself and giving myself love and respect.


For the last few years, I’ve taken my New Years’ Resolutions to the next level. Instead of implementing a new self-love ritual, or deciding that I’m going to explore X country/culture this year, I go deeper and more holistic.

I break down my life into different categories: 

  • My Body & Health & Pole Goals
  • My Work
  • My Money
  • My Love Life
  • My Friendships (I include family friendships in this too)
  • My Self-Worth

I look at each different aspect, and think about how I can improve it or love it more. Even if it’s a small idea, or a small shift, over the entire year it can make a profound difference.

Over the past four years I’ve found this method has led to a much more in-depth understanding about myself. What I am living for, what gives me joy, what I want to get out of my life. It’s helped give much greater meaning to everything I do.


But this year has been different.

I haven’t had that excited forward-planning feeling I usually get. I hadn’t thought about any resolutions or break-down how I can find more joy and love in my life. I just rolled into the new year as if it was a regular week. A continuation of 2019.


This afternoon, I sat down to write this blogpost. I knew I wanted to write about the excitement of a new year, but I couldn’t share that as I haven’t been feeling it myself. So I dug deeper, and tried to understand why I haven’t followed my usual tradition of goal-setting and planning. And I think I’ve discovered my block.


It’s a new decade.


The start of a new decade made me feel like I should be planning my next ten years. The enormity and pressure this idea applied – albeit sub-consciously – turned me right off New Years’ Goals altogether. For me, a whole decade is too big. Too much. Overwhelming. And as a result, I’ve ended up not doing anything at all. Not even looking at the next 12 months.

So I’m stripping it back. I’m parking my in-depth goal-setting method for the time being. And instead I’m looking at what one thing I really want to do this year. What I definitely know is I want to help people find their inner awesome. Help people to grow, to learn to love themselves and to help them find the courage to be the best they can be.

I feel that through my Pole classes, new SilksYoga classes, online flexibility programmes and our Team Days Out, I am making a good dent in this goal. This year, I want to look at how I can do this even more (and in new, exciting ways), and connect with more people.

I know that life can so often get in the way, so I have a philosophy that if you want something doing…get it scheduled! So I’m writing in my diary right now, to take a couple of hours to sit down and explore this idea of how I can help people find their inner awesome. Coming up with what steps to take to bring this to life.

There, done and scheduled! ✅ I’m excited to see what ideas come up! Will keep you posted!


That and I want to read more books this year.   Maybe in a few weeks I’ll return to my more studious method – but in the meantime, I’m very happy with my super simple two-goal approach.

Awesomeness + books.


I’d love to hear from you… and this week, it’s in two parts:

  1. Firstly, what goals, dreams and ideas are on your New Years’ list?
  2. Have you got big goals and dreams that’ll dramatically improve your life? Or do you prefer to make those small adjustments that’ll make you feel like you’re in control and winning?

Share in as much detail as you can! As it’ll help inspire the next person.. and the next… and the next!

And remember to schedule it!


With so much love this January ❤️,



P.S Any good books you’d recommend? 📖📚