Meet the DreamTeam

Our lovely team is made up of this gorgeous bunch. They each add something special and unique with their own vibe, style and expertise.

Hey Gorgeous, Becky here! I truly believe pole can change people’s lives for the better. Not only for it’s physical fitness benefits but also mentally and psychologically. My classes can help you feel stronger, more flexible, more confident and happier.

My 3 fave reasons why I love pole so-much-I-could-explode are:
1. It makes you feel good in the skin you’re in.
2. Self-love. Pole is my version of mediation, relieving stress, topping up with good vibes, looking after me (mind, body and soul).
3. The variety. I love the fitness element – focusing on getting stronger and more flexible by learning awesome moves. I also love the freedom you feel with contemporary or balletic pole-dance. And I hold a special place in my heart for how exotic pole makes me feel totally fearless. Each style adds something extra special to my life.

Whether you’re excitedly stepping into the pole world for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned chrome-lover – let the adventure unfold! Can’t wait to see you there!

I teach techniques and tricks in my Pole for All Levels classes in the studio, and also I teach online. You can find me stretching it out with my Bend Don’t Break: Get Your Splits Flexibility Training and also making a space for some mindset conversations.

Amy is so lovely and friendly. She’s been poling ever since university, where she founded their pole society. She now works as a digital marketer by day and a pole instructor by nights and weekends!

Her two fave things about pole are the amazing feeling you get when doing choreography, and the awesome splitty and bendy moves you can do on and off the pole.

Queen of sensual movement, her classes are so much fun – the best way to start your weekend!

You’ll find her on Fridays evenings for Fierce Heels Pole and Saturday mornings for Sensual Pole Flow.




Our lovely Tara is our SilksYoga instructor where she combines her two loves: yoga and silks. She’s been practicing yoga for many years and loves taking it to new heights with the aerial aspect.

Tara’s classes focus on mind and body, with energy cleansing yoga practice alongside fun aerial tricks. She teaches you how to develop strength and improve your flexibility, all while having fun and welcoming calmness into your life.

You’ll find her upside-down on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.



Meet Topher! (Pronounced like “sofa” but with a t!)
Topher has this amazing warmth and fun to him, that immediately makes you feel at ease and has you laughing throughout his class.

His background is in contemporary dance (as well as pole and aerial of course), and he uses this to help you really finesse each of your pole moves, making every movement look the most fabulous ever! Be prepared for lots of sass and lots of laughs!

You’ll find him on Tuesday nights teaching the ‘Pole for Beginners’ class!



Meet Georgia, you’ll find her online with yoga classes and meditations. She also co-hosts the Retreats with me (Becky).