Interview with Becky

Who are your clients exactly?

Our clients are busy women who are frustrated with feeling unfit, never having time for themselves, and find gyms and other fitness programmes a bit boring and uninspiring. They want to get stronger, fitter and more confident and want do something about it. They have always enjoyed being active but haven’t found the ‘thing’ that keeps them hooked, always challenged and coming back for more.

Who will your programmes work for?

My programmes are suitable for everyone and for all levels so long as you are willing to make a commitment to your fitness.

Where do your classes take place?

My studio is inside the East London Gymnastics Centre.

If you take public transport, take the DLR to Beckton and walk through the Asda carpark to find the East London Gymnastics Centre. When inside, ask at reception for the pole studio or take a left down the corridor and it’s the first door on the left.

If you drive, there is free parking available. Sat nav and Google maps isn’t always 100% accurate, so when you see Asda, head to the carpark and you will see the East London Gymnastics Centre behind.

What type of person do I need to be to make this work?

Just someone who is open minded, wants to have fun and genuinely willing to make the time for the change you seek.

Does Pole Dance really get you fitter?

Pole Dance can offer many benefits such as toning and sculpting the whole body, increasing upper body strength and getting a stronger core. It also challenges you to move your body in a creative and feminine way, this can really be stepping out of the comfort zone and a big step towards better body image, increased confidence, and more “fierce” and “sass” hashtags being added to your Instagram pictures (optional!). It has changed many of our clients’ lives and made them feel empowered and confident in their skin. These amazing things can be achieved so long you are consistent with your practice and you make it a habit. We will be there for you, to help you along the way, but ultimately you are in control of your own success.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if it’s the right solution for me?

That’s totally understandable and that’s why we offer our free taster classes. These are group classes that will give you a chance to come and meet us and get a feel for our teaching and approach. You can also follow us on Facebook for daily tips and news.

It sounds great but I don’t have time?

Is your wellbeing and happiness a priority? If yes, then I know you will find the time. I believe doing something that is fun, empowering and gets you stronger, fitter and more confident is time well spent. Clients tell me how much pole has changed their life for the better, if you are looking to change your life – don’t waste any more time.

I’ve heard pole dance is really hard, do I need to be fit to start the sessions?

No – before you join a class, we will have a conversation about which class level will be the best for you to join. You are not expected to be able to touch your toes, do a push up or do the splits!

Is it going to be really hard?

You will be progressed at your own pace and abilities. Like anything new, you will need time to adjust and feel comfortable with everything but rest assured that we would never teach you exercises that are impossible, challenging yes, impossible no!

I’m really nervous about starting and I don’t have anyone else to join me…

This is completely normal! People feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness before their first pole class. We’re here to make you feel welcome and part of the family. Most people come on their own, and the room is full of people just like you so it’s a perfect place to socialise and make new friends.

I’m not sexy enough to pole, and I am worried about what people might say or think of me!

A lot of people worry about the ‘typical’ connection pole dance has with the burlesque scene and sexy and sensual striptease – but don’t let this scare you or make you feel uneasy.

I like to think of pole in three main styles:

Pole Sport – this is the fitness side of pole, working on pole tricks and building strength.
Pole Art – the artistic, lyrical style often described as ‘contemporary’ or ‘balletic’.
Pole Exotic – this is the sexy one, sometimes wearing heels, with hair flicks, body waves and hip rotations!

I enjoy all styles of pole, and it’s really fun finding out which you prefer best or a mixture of them all. There is no pressure to try any sexy pole if this is something that you are not interested in but if you want it to be sexy and sensual then this is a fun and safe environment to do so. There is no judgement here.

And if you feel you need to convince anyone else, remind them that with many other forms of dance such as contemporary, salsa, samba, tango, there is a sensual side to the dance and movement. And there is nothing wrong this. Pole is a different, fun way to get stronger, fitter and more confident and can be sensual and sexy too if you want it to be!

What do I wear and to bring with me?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move around in. We dance barefoot so no need to worry about footwear. Bring some shorts too as we use the skin on our legs to grip the pole. If you are not comfortable with shorts, make sure you’re leggings/trousers can roll up to above your knee without cutting off your blood supply!

Bring some water with you to keep hydrated, and I don’t recommend moisturising on the day as this can make you a bit slippy.

Ok, I know which I package I want, How do we get started?

All you have to do is fill in the form below for your free taster session, select a date and time that suits you!

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