How To Reclaim Your Calm When You Feel Frustrated And Fed Up

by | Sep 25, 2019

After a small cleaning incident (enthusiastic dusting!) on Monday, I had a whopper splinter which landed me with a trip to Urgent Care department at the hospital. After waiting hours in the hospital waiting room, I felt like I was wasting hospital time, guilty that my injury was so menial. But still frustrated because I knew I needed to get the piece of wood out of my finger and it was taking far longer than I had anticipated. On top of that I began to feel anxious – hospitals bring this on for me sometimes. So I pulled back and turning to gratitude. Looking at what is there I can be grateful for and what is the lesson I could learn from this.

This pulling back completely shifts how I feel. It stops these negative vibes taking over my day. And switches the perspective from neggy-nancy to one of gratitude.

It’s not necessarily about finding the silver lining, but more about actively looking for something good in the situation. Feeding your soul with good stuff as oppose to wallowing in a negative headspace.

So here’s what I learnt… it surprised me.