How To Know What To Wear For Pole

by | Jul 17, 2019

Why are pole dancers semi-naked?
From full coverage to wearing skimpy sets… and not forgetting that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-pole-outfit. Here’s your guide on how to know what to wear for pole.
When I first started pole, I’d arrive to the class in leggings and a top. I brought shorts with me too, but didn’t dare wear them in the reception area before entering the studio.
I entered the pole studio and there was a fabulous mix of body shapes and sizes, and a whole range of outfits. Some people were in leggings and a hoody. I must admit they looked uncomfortably warm. And others wore the tiniest string set which covered only the bare necessities.
Roll the clock forward 8 and a bit years, I have learnt all the ins-and-outs of what to wear and when.
The first year…
When beginning pole, you want to wear something super comfy that you can easily move around in. If you prefer to cover up then trousers/leggings are totally fine for most moves.
For some pole tricks you want to have access to the skin on your lower leg, particularly your knees. This is because the skin can grip to the pole, whereas fabric slips and slides (nightmare). If you do opt for leggings, for these moves you’ll need to roll them up to above your knee to be able to get the grip. Please don’t cut off your blood supply!
As you start to learn the foundations of pole, there are some moves where you’ll want thigh grip too. This is when shorts are handy and why most people opt for wearing shorts to pole.  
Year 2-3…
Hellooooo hot pants!
You’ve got a good grasp on your basics and foundations of pole. Most people by the end of their first year have ditched the leggings with the fearless philosophy of:

It’s a pair of legs, get over it! – and I can get the moves way easier with these luscious pins out.

The shorts start to get shorter. The tops become crop-tops.

Why the exposure of the stomach? A major no-go-zone for most women.
For two main reasons:

  1. For some more challenging pole tricks it’s helpful to use the skin on our stomach and back to grip the pole. For moves such as going upside-down with no hands and leg-hangs* the extra stomach skin-grip goes a long way. * this is where the poler is upside-down with a leg hooked on.
  2. The relationship with your body has shifted.Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking “eurghhhhh”. You look in the mirror and think “if I can get this leg over here… yep good… and squeeze my arm against the pole here…. and tummy grip is there… ta-dah! Nailed it! This move looks so good. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!! Someone get a photo!”

You shift from hating your body to seeing it as a magnificent tool that enables you to wondrous things. Things you never imagined you could do.
Don’t get me wrong, most of us still have our hang-ups. You might have your stomach on show but still think to yourself “y’know it’s not perfect, or super flat and toned like the celebs, and it’s wobbly ….  but I need it for this move, that move and that mega-mega move. So it’s fine, it’s good enough, and it has it’s purpose. It’s staying out!
Years 3-4-5…
Let’s introduce the pole wardrobe. Over the years, you’ve built up a collection of pole outfits. And you’ve got the confidence to wear funky styles that are more you: Sling-backs, velvet leg warmers, suspender belts, cut out backs, fun patterns, bright colours, and the teeny-tiny pair of pants that you admit are ridiculous but equally sensational. Why not?!
The confidence oozes out and you feel like a badass doing your pole routine in the. most. amazing. outfit.
Years 5+
Hmmm… naked pole anyone?

Now I want to know where are you in your pole-wardrobe journey? Have you edged to short-shorts? How long did it take to step out of leggings? From the get-go or maybe you needed a bit more time? Did you skip a year? Has anyone thought about doing naked pole?! 😉 Comment below, tell me all!


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  2. YA

    I’ve been doing pole 8-9 months now.When I signed up for a trial class I checked online for a tips that included what is the best clothes to wear.I wasn’t very comfortable to wear just sport bra and short shorts,but after my first class I clearly understood that it was the best decision as exposed skin helps with the grip.Despite having some “nuances” in my body that sometimes I’m shy about, i was and I still am very excited to do my pole shopping(buy sport bras and knickers-shorts in Victoria secret 😁 .I feel like our pole group is very special,and i am very comfortable with myself to be half nacked in front of the girls in the group,I don’t feel like anyone would look at me and judge me for how I look,maybe because that’s how i perceive everyone,I just like to observe everyone’s progression and how their faces get very serious when they try to do some awesome move.

    • Becky Bagnall

      I completely agree that when you look around the studio, people aren’t looking at bodies but instead at progression, skill and to learn and feel inspired by others. Or to cheer each on!
      Love the serious face reference! 😀 so true. When I am learning an awesome new move, my tongue always sticks out ;-p Always happens, I can’t help it haha xx

  3. P

    I think I am opposite side of it as I really wanted to start with the pole to espouse my body even more! I wanted to learn the moves, show the strength (and sexy panties!) but also how delicate and beautiful body movement can be. Every muscle, every curve, every move, wow that is hot! I think pole is a super confidence giver along with building much better relationship with your body.
    I am definitely up for naked pole!

    • Becky Bagnall

      I love this way of thinking. Totally the opposite and it’s fabulously refreshing. Thank you for sharing! xx

  4. Shannon

    I started my journey in baggy running shorts and a vest. Within a few months when I felt I was ready to invert, I moved to sports bra and the same shorts. I thought about edging in to shorter and shorter shorts, but in the end I bit the bullet and went completely out there and got the skimpiest leopard print set possible! Something within me just changed, I knew I was in a room of supportive amazing women and I received such fabulous comments. I’ve never looked back! And I look forward to seeing all the girls new outfits each week!

    • Becky Bagnall

      And that leopard print set is SO gorgeous! So happy you bit the bullet and felt confident and supported enough to just to do it. You do you! xx