How To Keep Going For Your Goals When Your Willpower Flags

by | Oct 23, 2019

Whenever we set out on a new goal… whether it’s quitting the job you hate or deciding this is the year you’re going to get into shape… it can feel like a rollercoaster!

Let’s take the example of getting into shape…

There are nerves about it all failing, or falling flat on your face (metaphorically and literally!). There’s highs when things seem to be going in the right direction (you find a class that’s really fun! Yayy). And there’s lows when a bump in the road feels like a total disaster (you’re schedule means you can’t make any of your classes for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! 😫😫)

And the self-doubt pops-up too-regularly!

You question if you’ve made the right decision …

“Is this diet actually gonna work this time?”


“Should I have gone to do a Zumba class instead?”

And a million obstacles and distractions appear like magic to keep you off-track. How many birthday drinks seem to be happening this month?!? And a new bakery opens right next to your work place… and your relative asks you to babysit on Tuesday evenings… and the new girl at work loves to bake and brings in delicious cakes every week… and you’ve just been asked to start working every other Saturday… the list goes on!

When we make a change, sometimes it feels like the world’s against us, testing us to see how much we really want it! And it’s exhausting!

Martin Rutte said,

You have to do it by yourself, and you can’t do it alone. 


I believe this whole-heartedly. Willpower alone, won’t cut it. No matter how strong your willpower is.

It is SUPER important to surround yourself with good people. People who believe in you, who keep you uplifted and who are cheer-leading you on! Keep yourself plugged-in to your empowering, motivating bubble!

This is why I love our pole community so much. In class, everyone cheers you on when you do a move you love. They share their love, good vibes and happy energy to uplift and instill belief in you when you’re running on low and need your reserves topping up. It’s the good-vibes-tribe!

And how much easier is to keep on track, to stay focused and energised about your new change, when you’ve got a whole team of badass-types cheering you on!?


Have you been feeling lost or stuck or like your energy is depleting …. go spend some time with your tribe. Let their smiles warm you and get you re-pumped and re-energised for your goal. You’ve got this.

Together we’re stronger 💗