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Here’s How We Can Help You Feel Fitter & Toned Up with Fun & Sociable People!

The Gold Flexy Membership

I really want to get fit & toned, improve my flexibility, as well as learn loads of awesome pole tricks and dance routines.

I am short on time, with a busy life so need something flexible.

I want to get stronger and toned up, and in a fun & friendly way with like-minded, sociable people.

The Platinum Unlimited Membership

I want to get fit and toned up FAST! I want to get stronger, more confident, improve my flexibility as well as learn as many pole tricks and dance routines as possible – and I want to do it NOW!

I expect rapid fitness improvement and I want variety during the week with my classes to ensure a real whole body workout, with Pole Dance Fitness motivation and inspiration!

Personal Pole

I have been curious about pole, and really want to get stronger, fitter and more confident but I don’t think a group class is right for me.

I want to benefit from 1-2-1 personal attention with a tailored session all about me. Together focusing on my goals, my journey and spending quality time dramatically improving my pole skills and confidence.

We can also do this with a friend for a fun duo session.

Here’s what our clients say about us…

For as long as I can remember I always had an issue with my body and was deeply unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, I would look in the mirror and see a fat reflection. Now, I wear bright clothes, I am in love with colour! I am at peace with my body and embrace my curves that define me. P.s. I am much much much happier!

Rushana Ali


Before we began working together, I had just come out of CBT due to panic attacks and generalised anxiety. I had low self-esteem and was currently not exercising or participating in any sports or clubs.

Becky was so welcoming and despite how nervous I was in my first session (and having a panic attack) Becky was supportive and understanding. I wasn’t worried at all about society’s perceptions of pole fitness because Becky showed me what an art form it can be as well as a way to keep fit.

Each week has helped me become more confident as a person and to feel comfortable taking risks. I look forward to pole class and challenging myself in whatever form the class takes. I have definitely become more body confident as well as becoming stronger and more resilient. I used to be scared of taking risks and did not have much resolve to push myself in fear of getting hurt, but now I can do things I didn’t ever imagine that I could do.

Becky and her pole dance classes have really made a big, positive impact on my life!

Amy O'Flaherty-Golding


I had done pole before but not loads and was desperate to get back into it. Before starting with Becky, all my enquiries were answered in a really friendly way and I felt very welcome in the taster session. It has been very fun, every class has a different element and works on new aspects every time. My biggest benefit is my confidence, as Becky is very encouraging and has helped me achieve new things in pole that I could never do before!

Becky Carpenter


Before I started pole I never did any form of exercise, unless partying on the weekends count?! I knew it would be hard work as it still is and I’ve been really enjoying it.

My upper body strength has improved a lot!

Patrice Rowe


I wanted to strengthen my body, get flexibility and learn more feminine moves. Becky has an outstanding appearance and professional approach. Always very positive and driven forward. I enjoy the dancing most with implemented pole elements and nice feminine moves which makes the whole training flourish and so special/different to anything else. Some of the elements need time and more technique explanation, but once Becky explains steps or how to get to the pose it is far easier to understand.

The one best result I have got is strength and more feminine moves. I love dancing, which Becky inspired me to do at home.

Paulina May


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