Holy Jingle Balls – what a year it’s been!

by | Dec 18, 2019

Is it just me or has this year flown by!? With New Year’s round the corner, I always like to do a Year in Review!

And what a year it’s been!

We’ve danced, we’ve laughed, we’ve climbed, we’ve clacked!

We’ve made new friends 💞

We’ve turned fitness on it’s head!

We’ve learnt new tricks and perfected ones we already knew.

We’ve got a helluva lot stronger!

We’ve stretched til we can stretch no more! We’re now way more flexible!

We’ve struggled with moves and doubted ourselves. Then we listened to the encouragement from our friends, brushed ourselves off and got back on it. Raising the bar for ourselves and inspiring others in the process.

We’ve grown, we’ve sparkled, we’re shining bright.

Here are some of my fave highlights:


I’m so proud of everyone’s achievements and personal growth – the pole journey is sweaty, challenging and fun-filled! Huge Congratulations to everyone graduating another year! Boom!!

And let’s not forget – we’re heading into a brand new decade!! What has the 2020s got in store for you!?

Looking back over the last decade I can’t believe the journey I’ve been on. There’s been some great times, and to be honest there’s been some really difficult times too. I’ve learnt so much over the last ten years (including how to pole!).

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from the 2010s is that it’s not a race. I’m in exactly the right place I’m meant to be.

Starting up this pole studio has been one of the biggest achievements of my decade, I feel so blessed and grateful that this is where my life has headed, and so happy to be able to share this journey with you all.

In 2009 with 2 of my sisters, and in 2019 loving life!

I’m super excited for what the next decade has to hold! Where will we be in another 10 years time?


Look back over the last ten years for you… What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt that you’re going to take with you into the next decade? Comment below to share your learnings with me!